OmniFocus 2 App Reviews

They Charge double for desktop and Ipad(Iphone) use

This app is good, minus this one TERRIBLE feature. You have to buy seperate plans to use across platforms. So if you want to see something you did on your desktop from your iPad you can, but if you want to change or make edits you have to pay for a completely SEPERATE price (Full charge). That seems crazy to me.

Best Productivity Manager

Have tried over 30 priority managers and Omnifocus is the best. The app allows task assignments by both priority and projects as well as time and repetition.

Wasted too much of my time on glitches

A productivity app is supposed to help you make the best use of your time, but I found myself having to spend too much time troubleshooting this app. Syncing was slow and cumbersome, and the app started ignoring my due dates and would show ALL future tasks for certain projects on my Today view. I don’t need to see dozens of tasks that are due months down the road in my current day’s task list. Tech support was not helpful. Completely frustrating experience. I have the OS X app, as well as iOS apps for iPhone and iPad. Sorry, OmniFocus. I can’t afford to waste any more time or stress on your apps. Exporting my tasks to a competitor.

App download corrupted?

Update on this review. The app finally installed correctly after totally uninstalling, rebooting, installing. I still think the dev team should check this out as I have not had any issues with other apps. The program is highly useful - as I said below, I do use it daily. love this program but I think something may be wrong with the current app download. The update broke my DB and the prompts instructed me to uninstall and download the app again - which I did about 5 separate times. I also tried my app cleaner just to be sure. Hopefully this will get fixed soon as I use this daily!

It works, and works well

Nice application, fast synchronization, excellent mobility integration, constantly improved. OmniFocus covers my changing needs. Using the forecast view along with following the couple minute review script each week was the way I got most of the chaos out of my life. Later, I shifted to mostly using the Contexts, got lax on my weekly review, and over-committed. Using forecast together with context seems to work best for me. I had to contact support once. Incredibly nice people! They quickly got my problem solved.

User of 11 years

Great app, great company. The gift that keeps on giving. OmniFocus took many years to master, but each step of the way has made me a better project planner, which has overwhelmingly paid off.

Sync Dealbreaker

If you add an action to Inbox from Siri (iOS) the action does not sync to desktop and other devices until you physically open Omnifocus on iOS. Complete dealbreaker for me but I don’t see anyone else mention it.. I’m guessing its a limitation of iOS because these guys are great developers. I will update review if things change.

Highly effective GTD productivity manager

I have used OmniFocus for iPad for many years and after trying out other offerings, I have found OmniFocus to be the best way to collect and organize tasks in a highly fluid environment. Recently, I got OmniFocus for iPhone and began to use the iPhone as a mobile satellite for the iPad. (I work in heavy industrial areas where is not always easy to carry an iPad.) Seeing how OmniFoucs on the iPhone and iPad complimented each other, I tried OmniFocus for MacOS and found organizing large projects on the computer simpler than on either the iPad or iPhone. The computer, iPad, and iPhone all work together—via OmniGroup’s server—to provide me with the most effective way I know to collect, organize, and complete tasks.

Learn, and then use it. Love it

Dear All This program helps you to fully plan your time and your goals and life. I have never seen anything like it. Thanks to all the developers, Eventhough i don’t have an iPhone but I will continue buying your products (since MacBook Pro version will suffice, i dont see a reason to buy the ipad app to use the synchronization technology. Love it. Thanks a million times. Parham


Hi all, I’ve never written a review of anything in the app store. I’m a film composer and electronic music artist and used this program to collaborate with my managers and agents for many years, several albums and numerous film scores and other projects. It used to work great…until cloud support. The new application is buggy, not well supported and finally they’ve REMOVED colaboration across multiple accounts. It’s a beautiful application, it’s a shame the developers have not accomidated their number one request. Respectfully, _BT

I’ve tried others and just keep coming back.

When it comes to task management, OmniFocus is the BEST. I’ve tried many of the others out there and many of them have unique features that set them all apart, BUT, I always keep coming back to OmniFocus. Yes it is more expensive than the others Yes it is a little harder to learn, BUT once you do, it is so simple. Yes it is customizable Yes it is GREAT! I was skeptical at first, I mean the cost alone is enough to scare people away, and it almost did me too. Especially when you figure in the iPad and iPhone apps are all sold separately. But the investment was well worth it. All versions have been updated several times and with each upgrade the prodect makes task management even easier. I’ve tried ToDo, Reminders, Toodledo, 2Do, Things, and several others, but as I said earlier, I always stick with or come back to OmniFocus. Never had issues syncing, even though some have said it was a little sluggish, I never experienced that. Allows me to set up projects, subtasks, locations, works with the Notification Center on the iOS devices and Mac. For task management theis IS the GOLD STANDARD. With the recent updates syncing is a lot quicker, almost instant. My only issue, and it’s only minor, is that when you have a task with a start date (deferred date as termed in OmniFocus, it shows up on the start date, but then disappears until the due date. I would like to see the item showing up everyday starting at the start date. Aside from that, OmniFocus is as close to perfect that you can get. I recently tried Things 3 and although it is well done and quite beautiful to work with there are just certain things that I liked better in OmniFocus and I therefore am coming back to it. If I finish a task early I don’t see in Things 3 where I can check it off until it comes available whereas in OmniFocus I can check it off even it occures on a future day just by going to that date in teh forecast and doing so, Things lets me see the task on a future day, but I can’t chek it off inless it was due today or previous. Combined with the iOS apps and the OmniSync Server you have one powerful task solution and it is well worth the money.


I am positive that the measley 6 reviews of this app were made by the company itself! I purchased the app and then purchased the in-app purchase for the upgrade to Pro. My app never upgraded to Pro and I contacted Apple. They refunded my money but said to contact the company for upgrading my Mac app of Omnifocus to Pro. I emailed customer service OVER AND OVER AND OVER and it was completely pointless and a complete waste of my time! I emailed explaining that my app never upgraded. They emailed me back asking for images of the receipts. I sent them. They emailed me back saying they needed a larger copy of the images. I sent larger copies. Then, I got an email replying back saying that if I want to upgrade my iOS omnifocus that I need to do the in-app purchase. I clearly stated in every email saying that I paid to upgrade my Mac app of Omnifocus to Pro and it never upgraded. So, I replied repeating myself yet AGAIN! I received an email back requesting a copy of the receipt showing that Apple refunded me. I replied with the receipt even though it had nothing to do with me asking how to upgrade the in-app Mac app of Omnifocus to the pro version! I received another useless response from the company saying that in order to upgrade my Mac Omnifocus to Pro, I would need to purchase the in-app upgrade. AAAAAAHHHHHH!!!!!! IDIOTS! I DID PURCHASE THE IN APP UPGRADE AND THE APP NEVER UPGRADES!!!! I just wanted to know how I can get my app to upgrade! I replied saying that they have THE worst customer service and no longer had any desire to upgrade their stupid app because they are incable of answering the simplest of questions! DO NOT BUY! You can spend WAAAAAYYYY less money on an app that lets you enter your tasks and sends you reminders!

Great, but lacks the ability to collaborate with other users

Great app, but missing the ability collaborate with other users. So, it is a great app if you don’t need to colloborate with a spouse or business. In fact, I would say it has every essential feature someone would need/want except the ability to collaborate with users on other accounts. Pretty sad considering the other major productivity apps CAN collaborate but lack all of the other great qualities of OmniFocus.

Most recent update “damaged” program

The 2 stars are for the update, not the program. Working OmniFocus - 5 stars (because I can’t give it more). “‘OmniFocus’ is damaged and can’t be opened. Delete ‘OmniFocus’ and download it again from the App Store.” Not the result I want when I update an app as important as my GTD database! *** Re-install was seamless. Still a bit nerve racking.

bring back iCloud sync, please !!!!

Updated all Macs and iOS devices to latest versions, and still waiting to be prompted to migrate to new system! I still wish the developers bring back iCloud sync, and let the user decide which sync method they want to use. Otherwise solid, although a bit complicated, app.

Faster sync

The new update makes syncing almost seemless! It’s about time. This update makes Omni Focus unbeatable in the GTD department

There is no other

Omnifocus is an amazingly capable tool for organizing projects. It is not the simplest—I needed to search their forums more than once to get my ideal configuration set up—but it’s amazingly capable. I have a short attention span and this tool has helped me get my life under control. I’ve been using it for three or four years now, and I’ve become more satisfied with the product the longer I’ve used it. Recommended.

Great app

It has a steep learning curve. But, once you got it, the app reveals its true essence: purely dedicated to alleviate your (professional) life. Stay focused, stay productive.

Creating a mind like a calm pond

OmniFocus is excellent. It’s solid; it syncs between my three Macs and my iPhone and iPad seamlessly; it does what it should and does it well. The Omni Group has been refining this software for years. It was always best in class; it just keeps getting better. It’s a great platform for anyone moving beyond a very simple one-dimensional task list. It pairs very well with Daivd Allen’s Getting Things Done. It’s the best way to keep track of all the things you need to do or are responsible for. If you subscribe to David Allen’s philosophy, the idea is to write down everything as soon as you think of it, which frees your mind so you aren’t always uneasy, wondering if you are forgetting everything. Everyone sets OmniFocus up a little differently, but I find spending some time getting contexts right is very important. I try to give a project, context, and due date to tasks wherever possible. Contexts can be a bit tricky. I mostly use home, office, office support (when I actually have to BE there to use photocopier, etc.), telephone, waiting, and agenda. When putting items into the waiting and agenda contexts, I always put a full name in the notes or in the task title. This lets me quickly search for a colleague’s name when I’m with them to create an instant agenda for a 1:1 meeting. The one downside of OmniFocus for some is that it does not make it easy to assign priorities to items. If you’re good at assigning due dates, then OmniFocus works well because you can look at tasks in calendar mode. You can also search the web for ways to use tricks to assign priorities, but OmniFocus claims not offering direct support was deliberate. Priorities change. A lot, for most people, and I’ve never found assigning priorities very helpful. However, if you can’t work with a to do list that doesn’t support priorities well, think about this before committing.

How I Keep Track of My Life (Even When My Life Doesn’t Keep Track of Me)

BEFORE you buy ANY task management tool… Watch 2-3 videos of it on YouTube and make sure it ACTUALLY fits into your workflow. Whenever you switch to a new tool, there is ALWAYS a hit to productivity as you learn the ins-and-outs of it. But if the new tool simply isn’t a good fit, you’ll be LESS productive (even if you become a master)! If you follow the “Getting Things Done” (GTD) method David Allen created, then OmniFocus will fit your digital life like Cinderalla’s glass slipper. Much like any powerful tool, there are more TIME-SAVING features than you can comprehend when you first start using it. Don’t get discouraged! Here’s what you should do instead: Use what is instantly helpful for your task management goals right now. Why? So you’ll hit the ground running! Not only is OmniFocus intuitive, but also be comforted in the fact there are many online resources to help you squeeze the most juice out of the app as well. And be comforted in the fact The Omni Group has superb technical support, so if your items aren’t syncing, and you don’t know why, they’ll be right there to help.

Best app for syncing to-do items across multiple devices

I have an array of Apple devices, including a desktop iMac, MacBook Pros, iPads, and an iPhone. OmniFocus is the easiest and most powerful way I’ve found to create, syncronize and track to-do items and more across all of those devices. I tried to use the native Mac and iOS apps, but they simply don’t work as well as I’d like. This application works far better. I know I’ve only scratched the surface in using this app too, so I’m sure I will learn to appreciate it even more as time goes by and I explore more features. I’m very happy with it so far, and highly recommed it to anyone looking for a means of managing a lot of schedule and task details.

I’ll always love this program - but one little pain point in recent release

This will always be my preference for task organization (both professionally and personally). I love that they aggressively build out features. The ability to add a mail message to your to do list is fantastic. Such a great company and piece of software. One little user interface update made recently that is very frustrating - in the forecast view, when I move the date of a task, it jumps me to the date I’ve moved it. I guess I can envision a scenario in which this is useful, but only very rarely. More commonly, I’m working through the tasks for today, and when I move the due date of a task, it’s because I’m interested in clearing up TODAY, not interested in whatever date I’ve moved it to. Please provide teh ability to toggle between these if you insist on making this functionality available. Thank you.

Free Pro upgrade for version 1? HA!

Their upgrade from version 1 simply doesn’t work. I’ve had version 1 from the Mac App Store for years and it isn't recognized as an update-able app. Then customer service recommnds I delete the one in my applications folder and download a copy of version 1 from the Purchased category of apps in the App Store - but Apple stopped doing that a long time ago - when you purchase the new version - generally - the old version disappears. Then, unable to solve the problem, says; "In this case, we'd like to offer you a rebate for cost of the Pro upgrade ($19.99 USD). In order to process this rebate, you will need to first purchase the in-app Pro upgrade through your Apple ID. Once you have done that, please send us a PDF copy of your iTunes receipts for "OmniFocus 1 for iPad", "OmniFocus 2 for iOS" and "OmniFocus 2 for iOS Pro upgrade/in-app purchase"; or a screenshot of your iTunes purchase history with the receipt details showing your Apple ID and the amount paid for these 3 items (details on how to locate this purchase history in your iTunes account are available here:” What happened to the free upgrade? Moved on to the better app - 2do!


I am no ninja when it comes to GTD or Omnifocus (yet), but even with the skills I have, I’ve been able to clear my mind of nagging to-do items, resulting in much less stress. The application is solid, and I love their sense of design. The interface is a familiar design and I’ve grown to love the color purple since to me it reminds me how much more organized I am. Location-based contexts/reminders are awesome. I travel a lot in SoCal, and often create tasks that pop up just when I get close to that store that I’ve forgotten to go to. Another thing that I love about OF is the community and support resources available. Several books have been written on OF, and their own website is great, too. My fav book is from Kourosh Dini, highly recommended. It’s probably the only one you need. One note of caution: OF is extremely powerful, and with each release gets more powerful and more refined. You are not likely to learn it overnight or a week, but by doing a brain dump into OF, you will feel better instantly. Take your time, learn it’s ins and out. Try a few features at a time, and try to ovoid overwhelm. You will learn more, and as your system gets refined, you will find that you cannot live without OF. Thanks, Omnigroup!

The ONLY Task Management / Project Management Software I Use

I have gone through countless softwares and programs to manage everything I need to keep organized in my life. Some are web-based; some are clean and simplified; some are feature-packed—but nothing compares to OmniFocus! This is an incredibly powerful tool that any project manager, apsiring creative, influential leader, or student would greatly benefit from. I use it for everything. I take 2-3 graduate classes a semester. I manage about 4-5 projects at a time. I create and schedule content for social media, blogs, and newsletters. And I also have my own personal projects I like to manage. AND I CAN DO IT ALL IN ONE PLACE! My life is so much more organized and my projects are so much more successful because of OmniFocus. This is a “must-have” for anyone who is serious about getting things done.

I hate it! not worth it!

I’ve tried it for a few months now, too expensive, but to find that I can’t use it on the iPhone as well, without paying another $40, was the end of it. There’s NO POINT if I can’t add in notes while out and about, not tied to my desk. That’s NOT Productivity! $80 for a reminder is total crap! I wish I never bought it! VERY DISSPOINTED!

The absolute best calendar app on the market, hands down.

This app has it all. Calendar sync from your iCal, task management and the greatest sync software to date. When I delete a task in the iMac app, it takes less than on second to show on all other devices, including apple watch. I use the GTD plqtform and it seems that this app was buil for just that. Yes, it is a tad pricey, but no more than Fantastical and all of the other apps that cannot hold a candle to this one. Simply amazing.

Worth the Time Investment

It’s taken me quite a while using Omnifocus and reading up on it to fully reap the benefits. Sticker shock almost dissuaded me when I saw how much it would cost on Mac, iPhone AND iPad but I’m so glad I’ve purchased it. It relieves stress, helps me to do a better job at work and lets me automate a good chunk of my recurring task management systems. Highly recommended, and do yourself a favor and get a good book about Omnifocus at the same time so you can really use it for what it’s made for.

My Virtual Brain.

I simply couldn’t do what I do without OmniFocus. Life changing to learn.

Literally the most important app in my world

Thanks to this app, all my tasks get done. All random thoughts get captured. This app helped me master the Getting Things Done system. If things don’t get done now, it’s because I ran out of time or choose not to do it. Nothing gets forgotten. There’s never been an app so crucial to my world. Thank you OmniGods. I love you more than pizza. And I from New York. There’s not much we love more than pizza. PS: Make sure you get the iPhone, iPad and the Mac version. They all work together perfectly.

Thank You for the Dark Theme!

Love the styles update! I’m a longtime user and remember the days when the whole UI could be customized. I find the bright white background can be a strain on the eyes, and enjoyed being able to customize the background to something easier on the eyes. This new dark theme (that matches the iOS version) is excellent, and I appreciate the effort that went into releasing it! Hands down my favorite app on the app store and I reccomend it to everyone I work with. Omni Team: you might consider adding a screenshot of the dark theme to the app store preview images :)

Good App So Far - But...

As far as the app itself goes, it seems to have all that you need to keep very well organized particularly with the ability to sync between Apple devices. I purchased the app for my IPhone and IPad - set it up to work with Siri, Calendar, etc. and began exploring. It is relatively intuitive but has many features so there will be a learning curve to be able to take full advantage. The reason for a 3 star as opposed to a 5 star rating is that it was not clear in the Apple Store description that if you want to sync between devices (MAC and IPhone) you have to pay an additional $40 charge for the MAC app (or vice versa). I would have given much more thought about purchasing if I knew I was going to be footing twice the amount that I had anticipated. You would think that since they are separate, that there would at least be a discount if you purchase both. Just saying.

Purchased after having a Panic Attack

Trying to keep up with work, school, and life at home was too much even for someone like me who prides himeself in organization. I had project plans, kanban boards, and spreadsheets all tracking the multitude of things i was working on but tasks were still falling through the cracks. “set up a follow-up meeting” was in OneNote, while “Build Diagram of ‘X’ process” was in my email. One night last week I was up until 3AM and having a minor panic attack because I literally couldn’t stop thinking about everything that needed to be done and where my lists were. My lists had lists! So after watching some videos about Getting Things Done (GTD) I purchase OmniFocus. Been using it for a week now and it literally has allowed me to sleep again! Project plans and Kanban boards are still great places for the high level work, but OmniFocus is my dumping ground for every “idea”, “small task”, or “area that I will organize later”. If you need a dumping ground, or are a “sticky-note-a-holic”, try this program. You can download a trial, but honestly, unless you’re going to jump in then don’t bother because I had the trial before and never used it. Once I had the NEED to use it, I didn’t even flinch with the cost.


This app has helped me trumendously in getting my life orginized!


I have had several other to do lists, task managers, used everything I could find. Never really got the job done. I was hesitant , like others, to pay $ 40 for an app….but I took a deep breath and bit the bullet. It was well worth every penny. After just a few days, I don’t know how I lived without this great piece of software. I have several business projects going at once, plus many personal tasks going on…..and today I feel organized for the first time in a long time ! Great job Omnifocus…..

For true GTD this is the best

I tryed the demo version before reading GTD and didn’t like the app, too confusing. But after reading the book and understanding GTD I looked at all the apps and this one was the most powerful but still very easy to use. Now I have it on all my devices.

I love this app

This is, in my humble opinion, the most robust application in the app store designed to facilitate the GTD system. I love it. I have been using some version of omnifocus for roughly three years now, and I can say from experience that it just keeps getting better and better.


I purchased the OmniFocus app and the other OmniGroup products to better organize my life. I have yet to have the app work on my Mac. Every time I switch from Inbox to another folder the app crashes. I have sent numerous crash reports without any luck in updating the app. I am excited to use the system but I am very frustrated with its performance to date. I hope the developer fixes the glitches.

Getting Better Again

Seems the Omnigroup is paying some much needed attention to the functionality of OF2. It’s a greeat app - best in class, but as with all ‘bread and butter’ apps, we dedicated users need to see TLC on some kind of frequent basis. The last couple updates have really delivered. Omni is finally re-making this the premier productivity app again. Big sigh of releif. THANK YOU OMNI GROUP!!!!!

Pay 40 bucks. Then pay 40 more to access all features. Then pay more to be able to do the same thing

Pay 40 bucks. Then pay 40 more to access all features. Then pay more to be able to do the same things on your mobile device.

How to Get Things Done

I run or help run several organizations at the local and national level and I have a family. I am always extremely busy. I constantly have to keep track of hundreds of ongoing issues, and dozens of ongoing projects. OmniFocus has been the centerpiece of my workflow for several years now. When I use it, I get things done. On those rare occasions when I decide I am "too busy" to stop and organize everything through OF, I don’t get things done. The interface is clean and simple. It works seamlessly between my Mac and iPhone. If you have more to do than you can keep in your head at one time, I heartily recommend you take the time to learn to use OmniFocus. It will multiply your efforts in ways you never imagined.

A game changer

Definitely a game changer. As a lawyer, I cannot picture myself working without this software. It allows me to thoroughly plan and follow up on the different stages of complex contract negotiations and project management. As productive as one can get.


This is a great app that helps me incorporate GTD into my personal life as well as my business. The option to use contexts is a very useful option that helps drill-down on the important tasks of the day. The review feature is also great for periodic project check-ins to make sure nothing falls through the cracks. And the ability to have this information across all my devices is essential. My only complaint is the omnisync feature that allows cross-device syncing. There have been a few times where the sync on one of my mobile devices gets a little funky, but I suspect this may be because I wait too long between uses and the sync becomes overwhelmed by changes. Overall, this issue is not big enough to deduct a star from this great app.

take control of my crazy life!

I have been using GTD methodology for a couple of years and a friend told me about OmniFocus. Let’s just say it has helped me manage not only multiple workplace responsibilities, but also home projects, even hobby checklists. And the best thing about it is that it shares all across my devices, Mac, iPad, and iPhone. Instant access. I love that I can forward emails natively to Omnifocus from my email and instantly put them in an inbox to create or add to projects. Once the learning curve is crossed, which is not too substantial, really a manner of learning some vocabulary (like contexts), Omnifocus becomes the intuitive way to start and manage each day.

The dark days before OmniFocus

I remember the dark days before OmniFocus. The days when my tasks stayed in disarray, I used my email inbox as reminders, and I went to sleep frantic because I was trying to remember all of the things I had forgotten. Things are better now. I trust OmniFocus to take care of me. Who would have thought an organizational system could bring so much peace to you life. Now I spend my days on top of all of my tasks, planning further ahead than I ever thought, and trying to find a way to hug my favorite piece of software.

An extremely flexible tool

OmniFocus might as well have saved my life. I was a mess before Omni. OmniFocus is an extremely flexible tool, and it definitely takes time to figure out how to best use it in the way that works for your brain. Omni has great tutorials and documentation to help in that regard. Once you’ve got a system that works for you, it’s life changing. Especially if you’re a naturally scatter-brained person, like me.

Keeps getting better

I have been using OmniFocus for years. Great update!

Very good app…after conquering a learning curve

This is a very good app to stay on top of work and personal to do items and projects…but there is a learning curve. Once conquered and set up, I find it very easy to use. Very good interface, easy to navigate and great integration with my iPad and iPhone. I use this tool daily, throughout the day.

Life Changer

Seriously, I can’t say this about any other app. Omni Focus really changed my life and my mind. I am more productive and never forget anything. Also, I am never anxious with the feeling of being forgetting something. It takes some time to learn the software and develop a system that it works for you but it is worth the effort. I can’t live without it. I would give six starts if I could.

First Impressions- hopeful outcomes

I orginally used omnifocus for the iPhone some years ago and I found that it was a rather convoluted set up. But Omnifocus 2 has reallly cleared things up and I really need the structure and linear action list in my life right now as a med student. I use omnifocus for mac, iPad, and Iphone and I really love it so far. No bugs yet and it appears to work well with OS X El Capitan. Some things that I’d like to see improved: 1. More integration with Evernote 2. More acsess and control for calendars in forecasts 3. More automation/quick entry. I want to be able to either voice command or type a small sentence that automtically gets turned into a project or inbox action

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