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Fantastic software!

This is the key to getting things done and living a stress free life! I have been a fan of Omni Focus from the begining and the updated versions have gotten better and better. It does take a learning curve to fully utilize the software but there are great ways to do that too. Consider which has a whole series on how to use Omni Focus which is based on the principles of Getting Things Done. From the reminders to putting items in my inbox through Siri it has been the key to all my task management issues from the past.

The absolute best calendar app on the market, hands down.

This app has it all. Calendar sync from your iCal, task management and the greatest sync software to date. When I delete a task in the iMac app, it takes less than on second to show on all other devices, including apple watch. I use the GTD plqtform and it seems that this app was buil for just that. Yes, it is a tad pricey, but no more than Fantastical and all of the other apps that cannot hold a candle to this one. Simply amazing.

Defer tasks and Review feature are the best and nearly exclusive features of OF in the crowd of task

Expensive but worth it in my opinion The two features above are really game changers in the Task Management crowd. The Review features is critical for me because it forces me to go through all the tasks in all of my projects on a regular basis. It avoids having stuff lost in dark corners. For the rest, the classic task management part of the feature is great of course. And I do not like web platforms my self, so I am very happy with OF. Another very useful feature is the Perspective feature that allow you to have a specific and powerful filter on all your tasks (based on project, context, key word, dates, etc...). In fact, Omnifocus is so good that it took over some of the things that I used to do with Evernote. For instance, it became my brain dump for all ideas I have on my mind. And, on the Mac software, it is quite easy to link any task to Evernote notes, Finder folder or files.

Absolutely stunning ...

As a long time OmniFocus user, I’ve always valued the flexible and efficient structure and rich features. I tried the othes, nothing comes close to really helping you get things done. I work freelance, manage a small company and work at a university: I’ve got literally hundreds of tasks to take care of each month. With OmniFocus I’m in control. This update doesn’t radically change things - that’s good. But it looks so clean and fresh. The Forecast view alone is worth the price. Please keep on creating excellent software, and I’m looking forward to the iPad update!

a huge leap forward

I’ve been using the betas ever since the beta program was rebooted, and I’m deeply impressed how much better OmniFocus has gotten. In particular the Forecast view is extremely useful. Well done, OmniGroup!

Clean, more feature-rich while also being more organized and logical.

I’m not an OmniFocus hardcore user, but I have been using OmniFocus long enough to know what it’s capable of and how to use it best. I know OmniFocus can conform to my needs and exceeds all the expectations i had. I trust this app how I manage my tasks and projects and i know that when something important is due i’m always aware. Its clean, more feature-rich while also being more organized and logical. Perfect work OmniGroup! Thank you for that wonderful peace of software!

very sad.

very sad the new version. waste of space. not clear highlighting of overdue points. no drag and drop from inbox to projects. date picker for due dates need two clicks more (only possible in sidebar). — omnifocus 1 vs. omnifocus 2 i love omnifocus, but… i think you did some big mistakes in the new version! big mistake no. 1: ruining workflow inbox -> project the normal workflow should be: 1. i put down an idea or something in my inbox 2. later i put that idea/thought/whatever into the project that fits —> with the new omnifocus i can drag and drop it into my project!!!! big mistake no. 2: waste of space the new padding under each list point and the biiig indent of sub-points are simply a waste of space!! and please put the notes icon back to the right side where it belongs, now its annoying and ruining the good overview of tasks big mistake no. 3: enter due date is needs sidebar to enter a due date its now not simply possible to open a calender directly you have to click on sidebar search for the right field and then click on the date picker then close the sidebar again —> 2 clicks more!!

Beste ToDo App für sehr viele ToDo’s - Sehr gutes Handling - Exzellente iPhone/iPad-Integration

Beste ToDo App für sehr viele ToDo’s - Sehr gutes Handling - Exzellente iPhone/iPad-Integration

OmniFocus - one of the best

Well, I am interested in project management and knowledge management tools for the last 30 years. OmniFocus is one of the best tools I have seen so far. If you combine the power of a MAC with your iPad or even better with your iPhone the results can be unbelievable. The big deal is that OmniFocus is simple to use. I use it for my shopping list. I plan a outdoor event and a trekking tour. I organize my professional work with it. Well done omnigroup - well done.

Fantastic update of the best task management application!

I have been using beta version for a while and must say that I am very impressed with this new version. It is so much better (e.g. new GUI, new features like Forecast) to work with than the version 1.x, which now looks very dated in comparison. This is a worthy companion to the fantastic OmniFocus 2 for iPhone and by far the best task management software for Mac.Highly recommended if you are serious about organizing your work and private lives. Great work Omni Group!!!

Nicely Updated UI, Configurable Workflow, Sync WIth iOS

Omnifocus 1 for Mac was great functionally, version 2 brings the same level of professionalism to the interface. Workflow is natural and configuarable, especailly with the Pro upgrade enabling custom Perspectives and the addition of Forecast view first seen in iOS. Syncing with moble versions is quick and flawless and the interfaces are similar making for a seamless experience across iMac, iPad, and iPhone.

One of the most important pieces of software in my workflow.

Omnifocus is brilliant software. And the 2.0 upgrade is fantastic. It has become a crucial part of my workflow and is one of the most important pieces of software that I work with. Omni, you are doing a fantastic job. Thank you.

A huge improvement

The 1.x version was excellent, albeit with a rather steep learning curve. This new version (I’m running the Pro option) is both cleaner and better organized. I have tried a lo of task managers; if you need the power so you cam deal with complex tasks, I don’t believe there is a better choice

Loyal to Omnifocus

Omnifocus is part of the reason I use Mac and iOS. Although the 2.0 version is another $40 invest, it really organizes my life and eliminates my procrastination. I have faith in it. The 2.0 version has the some functions of iPad version such as review and forecast. It has the new UI and makes it more elegent and professional. Good job Omni.

It’s maybe my most used, and favourite app

No app is as much a part of my life as OmniFocus is. I open it up everyday and spend lots of time throwing stuff in there and organizing all the work I have to do, and all the things in my life in general that are important to me. If there’s any app that I try to get people to use and bug the incessantly about it would have to be OmniFocus. I’ve also developed a much better perspective and relaxed state of mind on the work I do thanks to it. This update has it’s bugs, but it’s a wonderful update if only cosmetically. The new Forecast and Review features I haven’t begun using, but I have used them on the iOS versions before and am excited to integrate those workflows in my most productive environment. The OmniFocus staff is also wonderful at replying to all my support requests either via email or Twitter. With the price drop down to $40, there’s no better time to try OmniFocus! Things I don’t like: It’s sort of confusing when you have two versions of OmniFocus on your computer, and everytime you open the app you see a really ugly “Opening document” screen. It reminds me of computers in 2002 and isn’t elegant at all.

Great update to an excellent product

I was a bit ambivalent at upgrading when I first became aware of v2. After all, I was already very satisfied with version 1 - and the upgrade cost was basically the same as buying a new version… Until a friend of mine pointed out a few of the features and, especially, the improvements to the UI. So I made the jump and I have not regretted it one bit! The user interface is, IMHO, much better - clearer and better organized. Kudos for a great update to an essential tool!

Still the best GTD out there

I was frustrated that I had to pay for each device type (Mac, iPhone, iPad, etc) running OmniFocus…and then pay for the upgrade for each device type on top of this. I felt nickeled and dimed, so I started the long hunt for a replacement…1 year later I returned to OmniFocus - unfortunately you get what you pay for. Suggestions: 1) I use a PC at work - OmniGroup really must develop a web-based version of OmniFocus to extend it beyond the Mac platform, 2) get OmniFocus syncing with iCloud instead of the Omni Sync Server, 3) get OmniFocus syncing with Exchange Server (and by extension Outlook tasks) - while this is possible using Reminders and the automatic import, a more streamlined approach is needed, 4) add support for tagging; I love the context / project and routine review approach, but tags would give that extra level of abstraction that many find so useful, 5) add support for sharing activities between multiple people / teams, and most importantly 6) give loyal customers a break on upgrades / multiple devices: i.e. a discounted deal covering all devices and a small annual maintenance fee to cover the upgrades. This is a first-class GTD, adding these enhancements will keep it that way. This said, bravo on the upgrade. Please don’t charge me for version 3 :-)

A little complex, but good

I still prefer Things App, as that is lightweight and easy to get started with. But, I outgrew it and switched to OmniFocus. I sometimes find OmniFocus a little confusing and complex, but after a few weeks I’m humming along nicely with this superb piece of software. Also of note, product support via email has been exceptional.

Give It Some Time

I have been using OmniFocus for quite a few months. It has only been in the past month where I have actually started to use it properly. I had a lot of pre-conceived ideas of what I thought an app like this should be able to do. I tried another competing app in this timeframe and I can say that OmniFocus wins hands down. I went from being frustrated and upset with OmniFocus to being a very happy user once I gave it the time it needed. I am not a very complex OmniFocus user, but I reccomend giving the short manual a read before you start using it. E-mail Omni with any questions (they are super quick and helpful) and really give this product an honest it go. It is very powerful and it is built to be as simple…or as complex as you want. I am probably somewhere in the middle. My whole life is planned in OmniFocus now. If you are really serious about organizing your life better, don’t stop at just downloading this product. If you really want to make a change you need to make a small investment. Read the Omni Forums, read examples on how people use the product online, take a quick online course to get started. IT HELPS! Once you have put the investment in to properly learn this product, it will yeild way bigger results. This product ISN’T for people who are looking for a quick fix. If you want to change the way you organize your life and create more margin for yourself, spend 1-2 hours learning the product after you download it. It will change your life. If you are just looking for a shiny new app and don’t want to take the time to take this seriously or if you have very simple/few tasks, there are several sub $5.00/free apps that will better serve you.

Love It

Something changed at Omni. The 1.0 versions were overpriced, half-baked garbage, with long intervals between updates, useless help resources (both the documentation and the real people), etc. I was reluctant to cough up good money after bad but the other reviews gave me hope. After working with the Mac version for a few days I was happy enough to purchase (again) iPhone and iPad versions. A couple months later I’m still happy with my decision. I switch between devices all day, every day and the syncing is excellent. This version is much more user-friendly and I can organize my days without feeling like I am wasting my time.

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